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Software Development

Computer Vision

We can help you extract usable Data from Video and still Images.

Do you need to track the movement of vehicles, people or animals in a Video stream?
Do you want to search for someone or something in large set of Photos?
Do you need make transformations of Video or still Images that depend on a complex processing logic?

The field of Computer Vision comprises techniques that can help answer these and many other questions.

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We embrace diversity.

We truly believe that competition between platforms is an important stimulus for the evolution of IT.
Nevertheless, we understand that having to support multiple operating systems and/or different hardware can seem like an added burden on top of the task of developing software.

This apparent burden can be turned into an advantage.

Witstep can help you identify, and put in practice, the best strategy for cross-platform software development.

Cloud Computing

Computing infrastructure evolved into an utility.

Long gone are the times when having the latest server hardware in-house would give you a competitive advantage.
In the vast majority of cases it doesn't make sense to operate your own Data Center.

Leverage the expertise and economies of scale made available by the many cloud infrastructure providers available in the market.

We can work with you in designing a suitable architecture, selecting cloud vendors and developing your cloud based information system.


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